Ecibel Ltd

Stand Number: 3320

`Sound is everything we hear; noise is the sound you don`t want to hear` - Ecibel

Ecibel`s aim is to provide acoustic treatments for restaurants suffering with excessive background noise. Ecibel recognises the need for restaurants to integrate acoustic solutions within the interior design.

Our three main products include: Acoustic artwork wall panels, ceiling islands and acoustic walls. All of these acoustic products provide sound absorption to resolve noise problems. Ecibel's acoustic artwork will not only solve the noise problem but also provide aesthetically pleasing artwork to fit with existing decor.

Our specialist acoustic team can assist by offering consultations and implement design choices that take acoustics in account. A good acoustic environment will help restaurants in retaining their customers and attracting new customers.

Allowing us to concentrate on the perfect acoustic solution, will allow restaurants to solely focus on the high quality of food and service they strive to deliver, whilst in turn improve appearance and enhance customer experience.

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