Voltra Lighting

Stand Number: 3120

Intimacy Illuminated
Flickering on faces. Dancing on skin. Lighting every expression. Voltra lighting illuminates human beauty and epicurean pleasure, creating the intimacy of candlelight through superior craftsmanship.

We bring together luxury experts in design, production and hospitality to delight our clients and customers with tabletop lighting that enhances every moment. Feel the atmosphere come alive as you see your home, bar, restaurant or hotel transformed in a new, enchanting light.

Crafted for Intimacy
Our table level lights are fine tuned to create a warm, intimate environment. Each one softly illuminates faces with the subtlety of candlelight and a captivating, flickering effect.

Voltra lamps are cleverly composed of two halves - the removable engine (the battery) and the stunning housing. Leave the housing in place while you remove the engine to charge it, saving time and space. Or leave the housing on - your choice.

Our chargers are design pieces in themselves. Choose an individual charger if you only have a few lamps - or a charging tray or trolley to charge and control multiple lamps at once through our patented communication system.

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