State of the Art Harry Ramsden’s Revealed to the Public

The all-new Harry Ramsden’s restaurant at the famous Blackpool Tower has been officially opened to the public, with the chain revealing their brand new look for the very first time. 

With the site’s notable location, designers gave the restaurant a modern take on seaside design, with Blackpool’s iconic structure playing a prominent part in the final look. Subsequent feedback from both the brand’s traditional fan base and its newer generation has been positive. 

The new site’s interactive technology features are proving to be popular with guests, including the 19ft LED screen that projects images stretching across the restaurant, and there’s also ‘Harry’s Selfie Pod,’ which displays customer photos onto a giant screen.  

Both traditional and new customers, as well as the chain’s famous fish and chips, have been kept in mind with the new look menu design and includes cooked to order rotisserie, grilled seafood and meat dishes, salads, burgers, and an extensive vegetarian selection. 

Harry Ramsden’s CEO Joe Teixeira, said: “We are extremely proud of our heritage which has maintained Harry Ramsden’s position as one of the UK’s most recognised brands for almost 90 years. Our existing formats continue to trade exceptionally well across the country and attract an ever increasing and broadening customer base.

“As we continue to look to the future and further invest in the brand, we retain all the key elements that are loved by our loyal fan base, however now, we are incorporating a more up-to-date look and feel, with the next generation of Harry’s customer in mind.”

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