Increasing demand for Earth Anatomy products within the hospitality sector

Earth Anatomy are the UK’s leading supplier of natural real stone veneers which include Granite, Travertine and Marble. The innovative new veneers combine the traditional features of natural stone with remarkable new characteristics like light transmission and flexibility. Sheets of veneer are constructed by combining a thin layer of stone with either a fibreglass resin, aluminum composite, or honeycomb backing. Earth Anatomy’s fibreglass backer is just half a millimeter in thickness and when combined with the ultra thin veneer offers a total product thickness of only 1mm!

Earth Anatomy also offer revolutionary manmade rolls of Cobcrete and Sandstone that are easy to install as traditional wallpaper!

By combining these two layers of products M&S have recently created a patterned wall finish that replicates the surface finish of a polished plastered wall for their Atria Wall in the Rugby and Stafford Stores


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