Alasdair Cross


How to Transform Customer WiFi Into a Powerful Marketing Tool

Recent research states that 61% of customers search for WiFi when eating or drinking.
Learn how a leading Restaurant chain transformed their existing WiFi service into a powerful marketing tool to drive a 50%
increase in their customer levels. By creating personalised splash pages, emails and SMS around events such as customer
Birthdays, Valentines, Xmas and promotions they were able to build profiles of their customers and increase loyalty through
one-to-one marketing.

About Alasdair Cross

Alasdair is UK and EU Sales Director for Aislelabs, a leading WiFi Analytics and Marketing technology platform that
helps Retailers, Food and Beverage chains, Airports, Stadiums and Exhibition Centres transform their existing WiFi
into powerful customer Analytics and Marketing platforms. Alasdair has been involved in Digital Marketing and
Technology for the last 15 years having worked across Europe for Quantcast, The Daily Mail and various tech
start-ups. When not evangelising the benefits of WiFi as a marketing tool he can be found playing in two rock
bands, mind-surfing and competing slowly in Triathlons!

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