Brian d’Souza

Open Ear Music

How Music Influences your Customer to Spend and More!

Every business plays music, but do you use it in a way that positively affects your customers? New research shows that playing the right music, at the right volume and at the right time will increase sales and lead to your customers having a better experience. Brian d’Souza from Open Ear explains how the latest technology can help you harness the power of music to give you a competitive advantage.

About Brian d’Souza

Brian d’Souza is founder and managing director of Open Ear Music, an agency specialising in music for business.
Brian is a renowned international DJ and producer, touring using the alias Auntie Flo. He’s released critically acclaimed album and hosts a monthly radio show on Worldwide FM. Open Ear work with some of the leading brands in the world, including Dr. Marten’s, Selfridges, North Face, Adidas, Wahaca, Virgin and many more.

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