Clara​ Ballesteros

Restaurant Designer - LEON

Innovation Award Judge

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About Clara​ Ballesteros

With over 10 years’ experience in the Film industry as a Set Designer, and 7 in Interior Design, Clara Ballesteros joined LEON 4 years ago to lead its restaurant design and interiors. At LEON she combines aesthetics with ergonomics, solving operational problems through sleek design solutions that refuse to compromise on the brand’s vision for beauty.
In her tenure at LEON the brand has evolved to become more atmospheric and minimalist, and in particular Clara’s work to develop bespoke light fittings has seen LEON’s movement away from hyper-bright to quieter, more comfortable spaces. Working with materials such as hemp rope and concrete has also allowed Clara to realise both her own and LEON’s vision for a more sustainable fit-out.
In addition, the brand’s international expansion has seen Clara translate LEON’s brand principles into new cities, markets and
territories; leading the design throughout Europe.
Clara holds a National Award for Best Set Designer and Art Direction. In her spare time she works on freelance interiors refurbishment projects.

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