Bioplastics and Nanotechnology

Understanding Biodegradable/compostable plastics, including barrier properties in formulations, using Nano Technology in
Flexible and Rigid Packaging.


David Abecassis is an interdisciplinary scientist with a degree in natural sciences and a bachelor’s degree in
biological chemistry from the University of Toulouse France. He then went on to complete a Joint Master’s
degree from Rutgers University where he studied biodegradation with Richard Bartha at Cook College. Upon
graduation he worked in diversified polymer consulting which included a variety of polymer driven applications,
everything from diapers to packaging, to aerospace composites. He spent over 10 years in collaborative research
in the field of thermoplastic nano-composites with Stony Brook University and Brooklyn Polytechnic Faculty,
which included novel flame-retardant packages, and eventually the world’s first mass produce able organoclay.
David Abecassis is a pioneer in adapting his cutting-edge material innovations to biodegradable materials and
sustainable plastics. As Director of Technology for Titan Bioplastics, he heads up R&D as well as IP efforts and

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