Gareth ONeill

Environmental Products & Services Ltd

Grease Management Certification and Product Performance

grease management industry requires correct product performance testing and certification to reduce fats, oils and grease discharge to the public sewer to reduce fatbergs and drain line blockages.

About Gareth ONeill

Gareth O’Neill has 21 years experience of working within the grease management business and offers an effective solution to the issues of fats, oils and grease drainage blockages using the GreaseShield, active grease recovery unit. Having experienced the issues through testing of ineffective grease management, Gareth O’Neill and EPAS are working to develop a new standard to provide a performance rating for grease recovery units. The current standards within the grease management industry include the European standard of EN1825 and the North American Standards of PDI-G101 and ASME 2 and 4. Grease management equipment should be certified independently to ensure the customer has confidence that their chosen equipment will function correctly to reduce their costs and the blockages in drain lines and ensure compliance with the Water Industry Act for grease discharge.

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