Gurpreet Sidhu


Being an Entrepreneurship in the 2020’s

How to start a small business, creating a product idea, marketing a new business, hiring your first employee, how to think like an entrepreneur, securing financing for new businesses, creating an effective elevator pitch, advantages and disadvantages of starting a business, start-up culture and what you can learn from entrepreneurs, how to question the status quo in an your organization, recognising new opportunities.

About Gurpreet Sidhu

Owner and Founder of Cross Border VAT a Fin Tech SaaS solution for online sellers.
Owner of Love Fashion - an online women’s plus size brand.
Director of easyFood, part of the easyGroup of companies.
Gurpreet has been an extremely effective entrepreneur for many years with 2 very successful businesses. He has now taken his years of well-honed skills to the online food ordering market, taking on large and heavily intrenched incumbents.

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