James Hacon

Leading Brand Strategist - Think Hospitality

Considering Customer Journey in Design

Amazing creative and design is well worth the investment to create inspirational spaces and stand-out brands. The best design starts from a place of understanding the consumer behaviour, occasions and motivations, not just your clients brief, it should enhance the customer journey and experience. James Hacon will share his insight on how to understand customers from his experience of working with more than 50 brands in 9 countries.

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About James Hacon

James Hacon is a leading brand, growth and development strategist for restaurant and hospitality brands. His experience stretches working with more than 50 companies in 9 countries. With his partners at Think Hospitality he helps advises multi-site brands and invests in early stage concepts, all with the aim of growing hospitality businesses.

Keynote 2 - Wednesday 12.30 - 13.00

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