Mohamed Chahin


Dark Kitchens - The Hottest Innovation You´re Missing Out On.

Why do market leaders like Uber and Deliveroo heavily invest into dark kitchens? And how can you secure a piece of the pie? Questions Mohamed will answer while taking the audience through eatclever´s journey to one of the most innovative and leading dark kitchen operators in Europe. Join him when he shares the story of how they solved everyday challenges restaurateurs face when scaling their takeaway business.

About Mohamed Chahin

After meeting his “co-founders to be” at a hackathon, Mohamed decided to drop out of college and build eatclever. From operating out of their dorm room to over 70 cities across Europe, the founders pursued their vision quickly and aggressively, with success. Today Mohamed´s main focus lies on building and leading sales teams. Occasionally he advises global market leaders and speaks in front of high-level executives about virtual restaurants, dark kitchens and the future of hospitality.

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