Rick Kirkham

Customer Touch Point

How To Make Your Customer Journeys Work For You and Your Customers

This seminar will discuss the commercial impact of emotion on behaviour within customer
journeys such as website, social media and telephony. The emotions customers experience will
either generate negative or positive behaviours and can win or lose a customer before they
even speak to your team. Rick will share practical examples and ideas to help you make your
journeys ‘win win’ for both you and your customers.

About Rick Kirkham

Rick has been working in the CEX space for over 15 years
and has developed a unique methodology ‘Engage to Influence’ used by companies all over the world: Tesco
Bank, M&S, MBNA, Spire Healthcare, Legal & General, Virgin Trains, to name but a few. This can be applied to
any form of interaction from face to face, live chat, social media, telephony right through to websites.
Rick’s focus is always on making sure you maximise every contact through every touch point; this is achieved
through a mixture of technology and design. Before you can influence customer behaviour within a journey you
must engage them first.
During his talk Rick will explain the psychology behind this approach and give you some ideas on how to apply it
to your own business and help you start to create ‘win win’ journeys that deliver a great experience and drive
operational efficiencies and sales.

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