Carl Sabounjian


Panel Session: Digital marketing: Using the right channels to promote your brand

Sustainability is the word on everyone's lips; customers are more discerning than ever about the source and recyclability of the products they use, and are demanding more and more from their producers.

Don't be caught sleeping on this issue - find out how your business can become more sustainable.

Panel Theatre Hall 16 - Tuesday 12:00 - 12:30

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About Carl Sabounjian

Carl Sabounjian has a history of living and breathing the entire hospitality experience. Over 10 years’ experience in Business Development at Vresso Foodservice equipment has lead him to create the idea of a platform for businesses to gain exposure and professionals to search and save companies/products into collections in a niche search place. No other search engine compiles a dedicated search for quickly sourcing hospitality businesses and products.

Born in Beirut, raised in New Jersey, Carl graduated from AUB with a short-term program also completed at Pace University - New York. Having a tenure experience in his family business which includes: Brand trade agreements/Design / Specification / Installation of foodservice equipment he had the opportunity to work with great hospitality establishments like: Raffles Hotel’s, Shake Shack, Cheesecake Factory, Roadster Diner, Beirut Street Food Diner and more.

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