Stuart Sunderland

City Pantry

City Pantry: changing the world of B2B food delivery

City Pantry, Europe’s largest B2B online catering platform feeds over 150,000 people at +1000 companies every month across the UK.
Come to hear founder & CEO Stuart talk about how City Pantry identified a gap in the food delivery market; how they are changing company cultures around food at work, and why the £250bn global corporate market is ripe for disruption.

About Stuart Sunderland

Stuart started his career as a currency trader in New York and Singapore, before returning to the UK where he spent a number of years on his first venture, building and renovating properties in Edinburgh.
As a teenager, Stuart learnt how to cook in his father's hotel kitchens where he developed a love for food. Having then suffered years of terrible food while working in finance he spotted the gap for improving the food served at work.
In 2014 City Pantry was launched to change the way that people eat at work by connecting incredible chefs, restaurants and caterers with businesses and corporates.
What began as a one man job, cold-calling local companies, City Pantry now feeds over 150,000 people at 1000+ companies every each month and was recently acquired by Just Eat Ltd.

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