Yuna Megre

Megre Interiors

The Boutique Hotel Revolution

Boutique hotels tore into the hotel industry over two decades ago, redefining it, rewriting the rules and changing the way we travel. Now, facing the ever-evolving traveller tastes, technological integration and era of airbnb, the segment is transforming once more.

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About Yuna Megre

Yuna Megre, Founder and Head Designer of Megre Interiors, is Russian born and British educated. She graduated from Cardiff University Business School with an Honors Degree and continued her studies at the Chelsea College of Art and Design (University of London), where she obtained a graduate degree in Interior Design. Upon successfully completing her degrees, Yuna co-founded a design studio in 2006 before opening Megre Interiors in 2008 in Moscow.

With over 160 completed and current projects in the hospitality sector to date in Moscow, St Petersburg, London, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Leukerbad (Switzerland), Baku, Tbilisi and Dubai, Megre Interiors has become an internationally award winning hospitality and commercial design firm. Over the past couple of years, Megre Interiors dove deeper into luxury hotel design with several high profile projects currently in progress, and opened an office in Los Angeles.

Keynote 2 - Tuesday 14.45 - 15.15

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