Regina Borda

CEO - Pizza Hut

How to Keep a Traditional Food Brand Relevant

Customers today demand more, better, and faster food than ever before. At Pizza Hut, we’re responding to these demands by changing and enhancing the ways we do business by projecting a brand that is relevant and distinctive. But rather than creating an extra burden, learn how we’re leveraging this challenge as an opportunity to rejuvenate our business strategy and build a more powerful bond with our customers.

About Regina Borda

Regina joined as Managing Director of Pizza Hut Europe and UK in March 2018 and is responsible for stewarding the continued growth and success of over 1,500 Huts across 30 countries. An almost 20-year veteran of the Quick
Service Restaurant and Consumer Packaged Goods and industries, she has held senior marketing and operations roles for Hershey International, KFC LA&C and Germany, as well as Taco Bell and Pizza Hut International. Regina has worked and lived in more than 15 different countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and her unique understanding of different business and consumer cultures is a valuable asset in her current role.

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