Housing all the avant-garde designs to keep your restaurant or bar at the height of style for years to come.

It goes without saying that a restaurant needs to do more than just serve good food to be successful. How your restaurant looks on the eye is equally as important as the quality of the cooking, if not more so. A look on any review site shows that customers comment on the look and feel of a restaurant just as much as they leave feedback on the taste of the food. The way your restaurant is designed is the first impression a diner gets of your establishment when they walk in, meaning it’s vital to get it right.

That’s why this area has been set up to showcase the most stylish and modern designs from around the world to its visitors. No matter what type of cuisine your restaurant serves, this zone will display designs for walls, ceilings and floors that will reinforce or even totally reinvent your brand. As the saying goes: ‘You eat first with your eyes’. Take advantage of this action-packed zone and make sure the first taste of your restaurant is always a good one.

About The Sponsor

Restaurant Design Associates is a successful and innovative design and installation company, specialising in all areas of the catering, hospitality and retail industries. RDA prides itself on offering the complete service - from design and consultancy, to equipment procurement and installation.

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