The place to source the highest-quality flooring materials from around the world to enhance the look and feel of your restaurant.

When designing any kind of restaurant or bar, you need to build your establishment from the ground up… literally. Which is exactly why we have created the Flooring Zone. Having a well-designed, well-fitted and stain-resistant floor that adheres to health and safety guidelines is more often than not overlooked.

Your choice of flooring will play a part in your customer’s overall experience of your establishment. I think we can all agree that we have been to a restaurant or bar, where the floor looks unsafe, cheap and dirty, and after seeing that we probably didn’t visit that place again.

That goes to show that a beautifully designed floor will help set the mood, open up the space within your establishment and will ultimately attract more customers to your business. Therefore we want to make sure that your flooring doesn’t let you down.

In this zone we will only be housing the most contemporary and hard-wearing flooring materials available. From beautiful, easy-to-clean ceramic tiles, to opulent oak-wood flooring and even luxurious carpets and rugs, you’ll be able to find the perfect flooring solution for your business right here!

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