15 & 16
JUNE 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

15 & 16
JUNE 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Gregor Ryan Ltd

Stand Number: E292

Bespoke hospitality design services tailored to your needs at GREGORRYAN.

We cultivate style, it`s in our DNA. It`s all about bonding senses. We create a new style formula, `turning lead into gold`, it is our design duty!

Ryan McNeish, the founder of `Gregor Ryan Ltd` has 18 years` experience within the lifestyle industry. His Textile & Fashion Design Management training coupled with his retail buying/visual merchandising background opened doors to connections globally. He subsequently moved into home decoration and visual merchandising for various home retailers in and around his home country of Scotland. Growing up around Edinburgh he absorbed the natural beauty and dramatic social economic and style changes of the 1990`s. Sourcing globally for independent retailers across Asia and Europe, he has built a wealth of work experience. Ryan moved to Manchester in 2008 and worked alongside the growing global company Halo Creative & Design and worked in both product design and visual styling for the group for over 9 years finishing as Commercial Director. Regularly travelling around the world to set up trade exhibitions and develop new products hand finished in China with a talented team of global design consultants.
In 2016 Ryan decided to create his own company. `Gregor Ryan Ltd`. Working from personal recommendations alongside some of the best British furniture manufacturer`s, he has gone on to create ranges using a strong selection of the most well known brands including GP&J Baker, Mulberry Home and Ralph Lauren. Notably his iconic Saddle Chair designed for high end brand Timothy Oulton, is still a best performing product for the brand and is featured across all global stores.
Ryan is currently the consultant on the set up of new trade brand `At The Helm` which first launched early 2019 and is due to launch fully in 2020. His retail store design and planning work has also created relatable and commercially successful results for various independent stores across the UK.
Ryan also works with recommended clients on commercial interior office projects.
`Gregor Ryan Ltd` provides a complete design and service experience. Ryan is keen to move further into the Bar/Restaurant and Café industry as this really appeals to his skill set. His newly appointed Project Manager Claire Nuttall comes with a wealth of retail and project management experience. Claire has worked alongside Ryan for 8 years and has completed commercial projects for Timothy Oulton and Halo Creative & Design.
Gregor Ryan Ltd are looking to grow their connections and with a wealth of lifestyle experiences across different markets are looking for projects that want individuality with a signature style cultivated at `Gregor Ryan`.

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