9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



How to Make Big Money on a Small Restaurant

600 - 1,500 square-foot restaurants are common sighting in many UK cities nowadays, which is down to a vast amount of retail closures as well as lower lease cost demands. However, finding a high-quality location of this size that adheres to other design/operational needs can be difficult. 

If you’re struggling to find ways to turn your tiny space into a fully functional and successful restaurant that boasts a massive revenue, then here are some tips for you:

Understand Your Concept and Run With It!

Before you begin your restaurant makeover, you need to create a variety of financial scenarios and menu options. After this, you will have to figure out what is the minimum you need to spend in order to execute your vision successfully. 

Having a concept plan, business plan and well researched and detailed feasibility study is essential. These will help you fully understand your operating budget, vehicle traffic report, the required curb-appeal, and a break-even point analysis that aligns with the local market and smaller size of the restaurant.

Storage is Vital 

The value of storage space in a small restaurant should never be underestimated, and is probably the main ongoing problem restaurateurs have. This is where you have to think outside of the box! 

Having space to store your dry goods, alcohol, take-out containers, fridges, fresh produce, deliveries, cooking tools, point-of-sale stations and table service stations all needs to be considered when designing your restaurant. However you design your space, you need to utilise every square inch while keeping in mind both the staff and guest experience.

Room to Move

Before you finish the design of your restaurant, you gotta walk that walk… literally! It’s best to work your way backwards from the kitchen, bar and take-out counter design, this way you will understand how much or little space is left for seating and guests services. 

It’s imperative that you layout your kitchen and bar first before you finalise any seating, to meet the needs of your menu and flow of production. 

To conclude, creating a concept that is scalable which works with your design concept which is profitable, sustainable and consistent that delivers an unforgettable guest experience is what you need to ensure your restaurant is a success! 

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