9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



How Optimum Light Can Ensure Customers Feel Good

Everyone who feels good at a place wants to be there again, that’s a fact. If the guests feel good at restaurant or hotel, they will come back or at least recommend you to their friends. To feel good at a place can have several reasons, for example delicious food, good service, cozy bed or excellent location of the establishment. Of course, you can rely on one of the named points, but the customer of today further appreciate a pleasant atmosphere and interior decoration.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Before planning the interior decoration, you have to have a rough idea of how it should look like and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. As well, you have to consider the taste of your audience and customer request.  The taste is different in every country, so you have to check it and do some research or get help from a professional interior designer.

Don’t forget to consider an optimum lighting

A big part of atmosphere creation is light. Optimum lighting makes a difference, almost every woman knows that from her experience with illumination in a fitting room. In a restaurant or hotel, the lighting should be functional and stylish. It emphasizes the room design and can intensify its impact. In the choice of furniture, wall color or interior style the design of the lighting should perfectly harmonize with everything. The lighting elements are able to draw attention of the target group, if they are extraordinary, interesting and unique. Lamps and lighting fascinate people in a special way. 

Indirect lighting plus quality lighting to produce comfort

Most of the people find indirect lighting as especially comfortable. It gives them a sense of security and comfort so they really can relax and enjoy the dinner. Indirect light can be come from the bar or counter lighting, wall washer lamps, which are popular in hotels or restaurants, or decorative lamps, placed in a corner. 

Comfort light can also be created by wood veneer lamps. The combination of LED and really thin layer of wood makes the wood become translucent. The mainly part of this light are the shades of red, orange and yellow. Each of these shades has a specific effect on our emotions and psyche. It is scientifically proved, that colours have an enormous influence on our body. Red stands for fire, love and passion. It has a warming and calming effect. Orange symbolized optimism and love of life and is known as a mood booster. Yellow is also associated with optimism, joy and relieves phobias and depression. Because of this effect, it is also used in colour therapy and known as detoxifying. When it comes to plan the lighting in a room, the owner shall pay due regard to lamps with a spectrum of warm white colour. 

As important as indirect light is the flicker-free light. The recommended frequency for pendant lamps is above 100 Hz and a flicker ratio of 20 %. It could be easily tested with the camera of an older smartphone. If you point the camera at the light source, you will see if the light source is flickering or not. Black beams will show up at the display.

Standing out of mass 

Anyone, who wants to exist in the market, must stand out from the mass. The room of the establishment have to be characteristic and reflect the art of service, for example rustic, elegant, lavish or simple. To place an eye catcher in your location can be helpful to get attention of the customers.

Studies have proved, that wood elements reduce the stress level of humans. By working out a concept considering parts of wood would be beneficial. Translucent wood not only creates a comfort light, but also looks extraordinary by showing all the details of the wood grain and looks almost like a camp fire. You could kill two birds with one stone, by using wooden lighting.

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