9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



MONDEKO will be launching new collections of outdoor furniture at the end of 2018

MONDEKO will be launching new collections of outdoor furniture at the end of 2018. A preview of these collections will be shown at the 2018 Restaurant & Bar Design Show at the Excel of London.

MONDEKO’s philosophy is based on beauty and noticing all the beautiful things that surround us. We invite the people to stop for a moment and observe all the beautiful things that the world has to offer to us, which sometimes pass unnoticed.

For the upcoming collections the company has tried to grasp the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle and print this spirit in comfortable, high performance pieces with special care to details.

The first one, the BAROKE collection is influenced by the spirit of Sicily. This Island is particularly interesting and provides an eclectic mix of styles, cultures, and ways of seeing the world an appreciating beauty. For this collection, we have chosen rich colorful fabrics, texturized ropes and fibers, which mixed with basic colors result in a high-contrast combination as outrageous or as conservative as the user desires. Materials for this collection include high quality aluminum frames, teak structures and details and motif outdoor fabrics.

Inspiration in forms for this collection comes from the magnificent baroque architecture, the beautiful yet decadent spirit of South Italy villages, and of course the incomparable sense of beauty and liberty the Mediterranean Sea provides.

The pieces that form this collection were taught to provide a comfortable yet aesthetic experience so the users can see, touch and feel a little bit of the “Dolce Vita“ spirit.

Don’t let the name of the collection mislead you, in BAROKE you will find some Renaissance style touches adapted to the contemporary geometric forms we see in furniture goods these times. The pieces are high-performance and easy to maintain which makes them suitable for use in the hotel and restaurant projects as well as for residential purposes.

For this collection we have chosen a selection of colors and fabrics according to the spirit of it, but according to MONDEKO’s way of doing, the main purpose is to attend every project individually, eager to give the clients exactly what they want, so pieces can be fully customized from sizes, colors or material selection to the creation of special pieces.

We are also exploring collaborations with fashion designers, tailors, and professionals of other fields to add some special details and launch special editions using the concept of “crossed-contamination”. 

For the second of our upcoming collections, MAVERIK, we based our work in the philosophy of “be yourself and be independent”. 

The message we want to communicate through these pieces is that “freedom is not just necessary but imperative to create the world we want to live in”. This freedom not understood only as doing what we want, but also doing what we must do to enjoy the beauty of the world. Therefore, the result is a collection formed by comfortable pieces following symmetrical clean forms, ideal for minimalistic or contemporary environments, with high-performance and easy maintenance.

Aesthetically this collection transmits a sense of balance and solemn relaxation. Freedom, good taste, and a strong character are the values of these pieces. For MAVERIK we have chosen teak structures, aluminum frames, solid and mini-texturized outdoor fabrics. The color palette for this collection is mostly cold colors, but some touches of color may be added in details and decorative pillows.

This is a versatile collection that may be fully customized, and was also conceived as a collection that may be the basis for development of new collections or special items according to the “top-down” philosophy.

We sincerely expect that the character printed in our collections reinforces our client’s projects personality and originality, while providing to the end users that feeling of comfort and performance to enjoy the outdoor living to its fullest.

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