19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Setting the Scene

Long gone are the days when hotel lobbies where simply the entryway into the hotel, open unidentifiable spaces, lacking personality or design. Today, the lobby is presented as the gateway to a destination. Arguably, more thought, design, and vision are brought to the lobby space than any other part of a hotel.

Now considered the hub of a hotel, the lobby represents a space where guests and visitors can socialise, enjoy a drink, work or use technology. Making sure that the lobby area is dressed to inspire in the right way and is in keeping with the wider vision and design of the hotel is hugely important.

Bev Howard, General Manager of Pangea Sculptures explained: “The lobby is undoubtedly now recognised as the heart of the hotel. There is more emphasis than ever put into this space, operators recognising its potential as the window into the world of that particular space. Lobbies are also now placed to see and be seen. Operators must consider what will make visitors and guests want to stay and spend time in that area and how can this be achieved?

“A huge amount of thought now goes into the lobby design from the initial theme and finish to music, lighting ambience, even smell, and of course art. The intention is to create an experience and a journey into something bigger. By paying attention to what once was typically overlooked and considered an open and possibly uninteresting space, operators are instead now seizing a highly visible marketing opportunity.

“Within a wider design aesthetic, operators are keen to install one off dramatic pieces that spark conversation and become synonymous with that space. That’s where we are seeing huge demand for our life size pieces. How many hotels for instance have a full size tusked elephant in their lobby or an open winged Eagle mid-flight soaring high above their guests? It is these installations that will draw the eye and retain a place in the memory of guests, giving each hotels their own personality.

Bev continued: “Within the wider design, it’s also important to consider what type of materials are used and how well they fit in with a theme. Natural materials, be it wood, stone or metal can work incredibly well when built around a certain aesthetic. Our materials, for example, are based around recycled metals, hand crafted to achieve various finishes. Designers work closely with us to create a certain finish and look that will support and enhance their own vison. In taking this approach, pieces of art and sculptures become part of the very fabric of the hotel whilst still retaining an important focal piece.

“Every hotel wants to find its own identity and art in any form helps people achieve that. It’s important to understand your style and then source pieces that work well with that and bring that extra dimension that you are looking for. Trends will come and go but a beautiful work of art or exceptional sculpture pieces will stand the test of time.”


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