19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Raise the Bar | All You Need to Know About Bar Design

Bars are not just places where people drink. It is a place where people loosen up, meet other people, relax and socialise. So it is not enough to say that your neighbourhood bar has a great selection of alcohol because interior designs of bars are an essential part of retaining clientele. Why you ask? Bars are places where customers really unwind and such a place has to be comfortable, to say the least. But this is only one of the reasons. 

Keep reading to find out what is a hit and a miss when it comes to bar designing. 

The Trend Setter

What is the difference between being trendy and being a trendsetter? One leads while the other follows. Most bars are trying to fit into the bucket of trendy. We saw many bars with hipster interior themes mushrooming all of a sudden. And beyond a point this becomes the new regular. The trick is in trying to be memorable and that can be achieved only when one strives to be different. Bars that are successful are usually identified as those that are a league apart in the way the interiors are done and the menu is designed. Unique is the keyword. 

Seeking Comfort

While being unique is one, comfort is of absolute importance. The most successful bars always factor in comfort and cosiness as the number one cause for a larger clientele and the time they spend at the bar. Comfort is one of the leading factors for a loyal clientele as well with an increased chance of recommendations. It is safe to say, if you are not trying to make your bar the next best thing to a living room couch, then you are not earning the big bucks. 

The Familiarity Factor

Many people talk about going back to their neighbourhood bar just because and psychologically this phenomena is associated to familiarity. How you are comfortable in your own house or you know the way around your local supermarket, similarly familiarity helps make a bar a popular one. How does one nail this while designing? This one is a tricky one, we agree but the key is in making sure you adhere to the standards like table height, chair or bar stool height, lighting, mug or glass sizes and regular nibbles. 

Dark and Plush 

Dim lighting is usually associated with relaxation, and winding down after work. Scientists recommend that by harnessing the subduing effect on emotions caused by dim lights, one could easily get customers to feel comfortable in a jiffy. Plush is synonymous with luxury and relaxation. Bars usually are preferred to be in moody and dark hues and not colourful ones for this very reason. 

Ambient Lighting

Low, mood lighting that is pleasant to the eye and bright enough to make one’s way around is the perfect lighting for any bar. Bar owners swear by this formula. Anything brighter than this is a big no no and makes people uncomfortable. Bright lights invite scrutiny and bars are places where people let their guard down fearlessly. Dimmer lights make everything look more appealing as well, resulting in improved confidence and enhanced comfort levels. 

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