9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Aesthetically Sound Acoustics

The Art of Ambient Design in Hospitality

Imagine sitting in a restaurant full of people and not being able to hear the person sitting directly opposite you... Imagine sitting in your home cinema continuously turning up the sound because despite the volume you still can't hear... Or imagine your business is losing trade because despite the quality of your service, repeat customers are low.

Modern design with clean lines and minimally furnished environments, may look  airy, calm and relaxed but add people and  suddenly issues typically regarding reverberation come to the fore if not addressed adequately at the design stage.  

The current trend for open kitchens in restaurants allows diners to have a real insight into how dishes are prepared, but this can create a pots and pans running commentary which can reverberate throughout the whole space, affecting a staggering 83% of diners who put ambiance before food in  recent surveys.  

Acoustics are now a recognised problem or application in every part of our daily life, from workplace to home, schooling to leisure  so it is important to get it right.

A recent client discovered just how much the acoustics played a part in the business after a refit of their award winning pub suffered a dip in trade and an increase in Trip Advisor tirades. Having addressed the issue with the addition of Soundtect Wave panels without compromising on the design, business has soared once again.

Acoustics needn’t be daunting and with support, an educated combination of design affordability and performance, these quick and easy to install Soundtect acoustic panels are a perfect choice for designers, architects,  contractors, and end users, providing the desired absorption in any environment.

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