19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Top 10 tips on how to be an All Star Exhibitor

1. Does your website have a show banner?

Step 1: Click on the Portal

Step 2: Select your show

Step 3: On the left hand side, click Exhibitors

Step 4: Look out for your company, and then click Login to the right of the companies name

Step 5: Click on Marketing Tools on the top of the page

Step 6: There you then have Banners, Adverts, Email Templates and much more!

2.       Will you email your clients inviting them to attend the event?

When exhibiting it’s always nice to see some familiar faces and some contacts so why not get in touch with some existing clients leading up the event? Any emails templates can be prepared and provided by our marketing team in order for you to send out on your database! Simply let us know in good time!


3. Did you contact our marketing manager and asked to be featured in the newsletter?

If you are reading this it is not too late. Our next newsletter will be going out on September 8th so if you want to get involved… contact the marketing team asap! 4 of our exhibitors already stimulated positive business from being featured through July’s newsletter. That could be you next time!


4. Never go solo!

Many of you will be well aware that running a stand is no easy time when an exhibition is on and this is why you should never abandon your stand! Every time you leave your stand then your money invested within the event is being squandered.

If you do run your business by yourself then take one of many family or friends, students from your local university/college. ANYONE. This is key for monetary reasons and more importantly, toilet and coffee break rotation.


5.       Do you have a show offers to attract more visitors to your stand?

Do you have any unique and one off deal’s you can show off on exhibition day? We want to know about them and so does everyone else! This works amazingly well, especially if you shout about it on social media. Post it, tag us and we will retweet/share! Contact Smart Exhibiting and we will edit your banners for you!


6. Make friends with your neighbours.

Think of it as moving into your new neighbourhood (but only for 2 days) with new people to meet, hands to shake and business stories to share. Not only could you learn new things within the industry but they may have that handy bit of cello tape for your stand or even a spare plug?

More importantly once they know your business and maybe even where your competitors are based, they may even send people your way with a give a cheeky referral? You kindly then return the favour then new contacts and friendships are made!


7.       Are you promoting your business through social media?

It doesn’t matter if you have 30,000 followers or 300. Social media impressions all count. One of those clicks will interest someone and then relationships are started. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know about it!

We are contacting thousands of business owners and decision makers every day to tell them about this event. Join us in the campaign; use our hashtags and get the conversation started! Tag us on your posts, we will repost them, retweet them and spread the word for you.


8. Fix Up Look Sharp

To be honest, this one is fairly self-explanatory. Dress in order to impress your target market. There is no real definition of smart but we definitely recommend wearing something that is seen as suitable and also comfortableness is key. If you are uncomfortable standing up all day then it may transmit to your visitors and you don’t want to give the wrong impression.


9. Try not to swoop in

It is just like when you go shopping for a specific item; you know exactly what you are looking for. The same goes for the visitors of this exhibition. If you don’t manage scare them away, there are a few things that could work in your favour…

Eye contact and consistent smiling is always needed throughout exhibiting, everyone likes a friendly face. Ask them something neutral like “Have you travelled a long way for the event?” or “had a successful day so far?”

If and when a conversation is started, avoid ‘How can I help you?’ at all costs. It’s extremely generic. However asking them “what brings you here today in particular?” or even something like “have you checked out the delivery zone yet”. Any personable and relaxed questions are received best.


10Organise yourself for chasing the leads

After two days of exhibiting, standing and networking the body is bound to be tired and a well deserved rest is in order. The exhibitor veteran’s will agree when we say the ‘real work’ starts after the show. Pursuing all the leads from the show into transactions.

All we can recommend is that a few days prior to the event, create some follow up templates for your visitors, may even a couple of different ones depending on your product line or conversations had. Maybe prioritise the important leads and then set a timescale of when you'd ideally like to send out these messages. After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fail no?


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