9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



KERRADECO – intelligent wall solution

If you own a restaurant, bar, or café and you are looking to redesign it’s interior or you are thinking of opening a new one, you should get to know wall system KERRADECO designed by VOX.  

VOX is a company which offers much more than just products. Our inspiration are people and their needs which are always in the centre of our focus. Many years of experience, advanced technologies, know-how and team of experts allow us to manufacture products of excellent quality and design adapted to market requirements at competitive prices.

How to design a wall to be unique, yet functional and durable? To respond to this need we researched currently used finishings for interior walls and created a product which have all its advantages while eliminating their drawbacks. In consequence we  have developed the KERRACORE technology resulting in a state-of-the-art and extremely durable material that we used to create KERRADECO. The core of the product is a specially designed polymer material refined with mineral additions. Single board consists of two layers – bottom cellular and hard surface. This structure of board gives the product dimentional stability, impact and scrach resistance. 

As a result, KERRADECO is a wall system for universal use. It’s an excellent choice for both new constructions and renovations. It is non-flammable and waterproof. Due to its characteristics it can replace: MDF boards (moisture-resistant), ceramic tiles (does not crack under impact, does not require grouting) or wallpaper. KERRADECO is perfectly suited for rapid construction of partition walls.  Three steps required for installing drywall (fixing, filling, painting) are replaced by one step - KERRADECO installation 

One of the greatest advantages of KERRADECO is fast installation – required time is reduced to minimum. It is especially important while redesigning your establishment, which in this case is excluded from functioning just for a short time. Before installation walls don’t need additional surface preparation. Interiors finished with KERRADECO may be used immediately after the assembly is finished. What is more, KERRADECO installation does not require “wet’ works so the whole process is clean.  KERRADECO boards have  tongue and groove joint system. They are easy to cut by usage of conventional tools. There are two installation options – bards can be glued directly onto the wall, provided the surface is smooth and stable, alternatively they can be screwed onto wooden support battens.

A wide range of colours and a variety of surface decor structures allow you to design impressive and durable interiors (including bathroom). The ability to combine boards from various collections and implement personalised designs provides an unlimited design potential.

VOX offers also KERRADECO BIO range which is dedicated for applications with increased technical and hygiene requirements (restaurants, food processing, etc.). This is KERRADECO in white colour enriched with silver ions which provide bacteriostatic properties. Silver ions stop reproduction of microorganisms on the wall surface. The system is approved for contact with food. Its smooth surface is  easy to clean and will not support rot or mould growth.

There are few lengths of boards to choose from:

  • 270 cm 

  • 135 cm

  • 300 cm (KERRADECO BIO only)


All have covering width 29 cm and thickness 9 mm. 

[This editorial was brought to you by VOX, stand number 110]

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