9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



The Measure of Quality

What would you define as a true measurement of quality? There is a vast difference between meeting your expectations and totally surpassing them. 

We create accurate surveys and 360-degree photos of your buildings worldwide, delivered to you on a unique cloud solution to ensure that you can view your buildings and make decisions anywhere and anytime saving time and money. That's how we at LaZerCAD define quality.

Want to know a bit more about us?  Well, we are a worldwide solution provider of accurate as-built services, including documentation and high-resolution 360 photographs to business stakeholders, architects, facility teams, construction professionals. We have been working incredibly hard over the last 15 years trying and testing the methodology of ‘bringing all your buildings to all of your people via the cloud’.

We now have over 500 experienced survey teams worldwide that allows LaZerCAD to deliver a streamlined flow of accurate building information to corporate clients. These clients include McDonalds, Capital One, Citi Bank and Nordstrom. The list goes on. And that's because we offer all of them the following services:

• 360º Photographic Window

We have the capability to supply YOUR architects, facility managers and stakeholders with a ‘360º window’ into any property worldwide. See a selection of 6 live examples here

• Simply access from any device

Picture this… You can walk into any of your properties to evaluate prior to remodelling it from the convenience of your computer or smart device. How? Our team can 360º a site within 24 hours. The images are then linked with a floor plan and all the data we have collected from the building to your secure AsBuildCloud™.

• Want to add 360º photographs to existing plans?

We can easily add 360º images to an existing PDF plan and store them within our AsBuiltCloud™ servers. All the 360º photographs are object linked on the PDF at the position in the property they were taken. 

• LaZerCAD’s investment in the latest technology

We are always researching and investing in the latest technology and developments. Our survey teams have their kit updated to the fastest most effective hardware every 12 months. Software updates for the survey team and our cloud based solution come every 6 months due to client feedback and the on-going commitment to invest in technology by the CEO and executive team.

We like to think that we are revolutionising the architectural world and giving our clients a unique approach to project planning. We would also like to show you how at Restaurant Tech Live on 27th & 28th September 2016. 

Get your free tickets here and come visit us on Stand 1038.

Give us an email for more information and click here to Request a Quote.

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