9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Light Up Your Life with the Sunwood Marino

BREXIT may have left many UK firms feeling out in the cold.

But the future is bright – and warm – for Sunwood Design UK.

Two entrepreneurs from Bury and Bolton have managed to secure the UK distribution rights for the Dutch-manufactured Sunwood Marino outdoor fireplace and patio heater.

Close friends Nick and Nick are bucking the Brexit trend and marketing the stylish heaters to restaurants, hotels and golf clubs as well as the domestic market.

After years of travelling to Holland, Ibiza and Majorca, the pair realised there was a gap in the UK market for high quality and super-efficient heaters like the Marino.

They spent a year building a relationship with the manufacturer and have now sealed the deal to bring them exclusively to the UK.

Despite the impact on European trade with the UK, Nick and Nick have worked hard with the Sunderman family to ensure that a consistent delivery and competitive price could still be achieved to bring the Marino to the UK regardless of the current economic climate.

The Sunwood Marino is a bespoke Patio Heater which is currently taking the exclusive bars and restaurants of Europe by storm.

The Sunwood Marino is not just a heater, it is fully enclosed outdoor portable fireplace, which gently heats the air through convection, instead of the traditional method of radiation.

The result is an outdoor area that has a more even ambient temperature instead of the usual hot and cold spots, and encourages your guests to relax fully.

As well as the benefits of a more comfortable heat distribution, the units themselves look stunning with an elegant fire that can be seen on all four sides through the tempered glass panels – giving your area all the benefits and cosiness that a real fire can bring, especially when multiple units are placed throughout a terrace – it looks simply amazing.

Your customers will want to spend even longer outside and passers-by will be drawn in like a moth to a flame.

At Sunwood Design we a proud to be working with the Dutch based Sunwood family and to be able to offer the UK industry this amazing product.

Whatever happens in the future – we will keep you warm!


EMAIL: sales@sunwooddesign.co.uk

PHONE: 07468563805


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