19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Together is Better

Global Upholstery Solutions has existed as an entity for only a year but, in reality, we’ve existed for over 30 years across three owners as the baton was passed from one to the next.

Our first annual review at the end of January as a whole team gives us a time to contemplation. Because it is the first one as a company owned by the Stannah family, it’s a special time and one where we are reflecting on who we are and why we do what we do. What is it about our company that makes us special? And we are special. I can feel it, others from the Stannah group feel it, the customers that visit us recognise it and our supply partners feel it too. But what is ‘it’?

A complex feeling is hard to describe. How do you describe why you love someone? You can try to explain it, but it never quite fully explains things. For our own ‘it’, we have a variety of descriptions, metaphors and mottos but they’re never quite enough. Simply put, you have to experience it because words aren’t enough but, in a blog post, that’s all you have.

Our motto is the African Proverb – “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The ‘going far together’ part is important to us. We sometimes summarise it as “Together is Better.” It explains what we do as a team, how we act and interact with each other, but it also helps to describe how we work with suppliers and customers. If a customer wants to pop into the factory and talk to one of the team making the products, they’re welcome to. No appointment necessary. We’ll put the kettle on and be happy to bounce ideas around. Talk to any of us. There is no hierarchy in our service.

That’s another thing. We look like a manufacturing company. But how we really see ourselves is a service company that manufactures. It’s a subtle difference but an important one. We want to help. We’re interested. We enjoy what we do. We love a challenge. 

That’s what drives our growth. Not profit or turnover. Although we’re a business and that’s obviously important, it isn’t the be all and end all. We want to grow into new areas, work with new, interesting people, get involved in new and exciting projects. Stretch ourselves, like an athlete wants to push themselves to see what they are truly capable of, we are nowhere near our limits yet. There’s a whole world out there for us to engage with.

Seating and soft furnishings is an amazing business. There is so much opportunity to be creative or to work with creative people – both suppliers and customers. Designers, architects, business owners; we love taking ideas and turning them into reality. Or even throwing our creative ideas around and adding value that way. Sometimes it’s a single bedspread, other times hundreds of seats and others uplifting an existing piece and making it beautiful again.

We just love what we do and doing it together.

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