19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Brighton based company float new table on the market.

The design was thought up by the pair after they started experimenting with epoxy resin to fill holes in wood. They started small by immersing small pieces of wood in epoxy, but as the pair perfected the technique they were able to use bigger and bigger planks.

The unique style, which is only made by Revive Joinery, can be adapted and tailored to meet each customers requirements, meaning no two pieces will ever be the same.

Director, Ed Gunter explains more:

“This new style can be used for coffee tables, dining tables or large boardroom tables, it could even be used as a kitchen worktop. What ‘s unique is the number of ways it can be personalised to each customer, whether it’s the wood inside or the colour of the epoxy, we can create each piece to suit customers specific ideas or design. We have made tables using reclaimed boards, but could also use a beautiful piece of oak or elm.”

The pieces can also be further personalised with company logos or names, which are carved into the wood or resin. The design, which Revive Joinery have named Floe Tables, has been successfully trade marked and is ready to be taken to the market.

Jon Neal, also a Director, adds:

“What’s great about this technique is that you can take a beautiful old piece of wood, which might not be suitable for a table because it’s got too many imperfections, and still use it. Setting it in epoxy means we can create a Alat, hardwearing and waterproof surface but you still see the character coming through, every knot and unique facet of the wood is visible through the resin.”

It’s not the only new style, the furniture designers have recently started making River tables. Named because the beautiful deign look like they have a river running down the centre of the wood. The duo use incredible pieces of ash, oak or other hard woods and then fill natural canyons in the wood with epoxy resin, again the resin can be coloured.

The furniture makers are some of the only people in the UK selling this design of table and are hoping it will prove incredibly popular.

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