9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



The do's and don'ts of Valentines day

This month revolves around spreading the love no matter what your relationship status. It’s only a matter of time until your restaurant is buzzing and whatever you do, we’ve got the ultimate do’s and don’t...

The Do’s...

Sharing is caring! Not only are sharing plates an excuse to sit closer together, it’s always an excuse to have a little nibble of everything on offer – and come on, what foodie can resist that? Whipping up a special ‘valentines sharing menu’ of your restaurants finest selections is a great way to satisfy those taste buds. From hummus to fries, the combinations are endless, and it doesn’t stop at food. What about knocking your own version of a sharing cocktail with a romantic twist, your guests are bound to want to give it a try!

The memory creator! Social media accounts are flooded with annual Valentine’s posts to mark the special day! It is always an excuse to play dress up, and why shouldn’t they. Get your staff to be attentive and helping document those memories, by offering to take pictures for guests. Give them a reason to post a new profile picture. 

The den seekers! Not all couples desire to dine out, some may prefer to cosy up on the sofa without the pressures of cooking. Why not create a special menu for delivery that you know your guests could enjoy whilst watching a romantic movie at home. Get your creative juices flowing, push the boat out and roll that heart shaped pizza, or maybe not. Send the delivery with a rose? Spread the love beyond your restaurant and think of the ways you could put a smile on your diners face.

Go big or go home! You could have a gig at the restaurant, comedy or music. Get your thinking hat on, it’s just an excuse to get creative. Alternatively, gifts and treats are always an excellent way to win over your guests- chocolates, cookies, roses, take your pick! There are plenty of opportunities to show your guests a great time, and a happy memory is always an excuse for them to come back, right?

The don'ts...

Don’t forget those single pringles! Whilst Valentine’s day is known to revolve around love birds, remember not to sideline those single people out there. Maybe they’re in a relationship with food! Have some fun and create an atmosphere that draws in all the singletons, rather than letting them stay home alone. If you run a bar or pub, even better, create opportunities for them to mingle and meet new people. An even better idea would be to cater to groups of singles.

Tacky is a no go! Don’t go overboard with the decorations, keep it clean and classy! No one likes walking into a restaurant that looks like it’s thrown up balloons and confetti into the dining room, and this is definitely not a time to recycle your old Christmas decorations! Minimalism and class are key on a day like this, you can get creative, but nothing like a children’s art class please! Candles on the table, go for it! Heart shaped anything on the table – absolutely not, there are other ways of making your guests feel loved!

Keep the noise down! Although this is probably more applicable to restaurants than bars, avoid blaring those beats out in the dining room. Couples are there to engage in conversation with one another over the great food, not to spend the entirety of the evening mouth reading! A great playlist subtly playing in the background is a great shout! An even better shout would be a live musician or band to create a little more of a lively atmosphere!

Chill out with the chocolate! We get it, everyone loves a bit of chocolate in their life but we’re so over the standard chocolate fountains and chocolate fondants for two. Be more adventurous with your desert menu, this is a great way to test the waters and see what your guests like. What about having the chef whip up some deserts that have two ingredients that belong in one desert. Strawberries and chilli, apple and cinnamon, pear and vanilla… there are so many combinations, have some fun with it to create something bound to catch your diner’s eyes!   

All in all, the most important things is that your diners have an enjoyable day, and hopefully you've helped create that! 

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