9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Twenty-First Century Art Surfaces

We all aspire to a feeling of richness.

Rich; Bentley bespoke tailoring rich

Dining out should be a wonderful story. It should not be like eating at home. It should be another level of experience, a richer experience. People experience high points in their lives when dining out; romance, to set the seal on adventure, warm greetings and meetings of friends and family. Creating the ambience to support this romance (a prosaic way of saying it) is the business of the restauranteur and their designers.

People often go about this by consulting whatever style guides there are to hand,  find out what seems trendy, and simply follow along a ready-made path. It might have an advantage for the diners in that it will be immediately obvious what to expect. Much restaurant business is based on careful calculations of such audience expectations. It hardly adds to the experience. It ends up feeling crashingly repetitive with the same themes and quotations. It hardly sharpens the sensibility of the experience, making customers actually want to eat there.

Some, of course, will be aiming a little higher than this both in the experience they want to deliver to their customers, and what they want to create; as a statement of what is possible. This is the audience I would like to connect with.

eLustre is a new conception in the treatment of art features and decorative surfaces. It can be used in any space, public or private to enhance and shape the emotional experience of the inhabitants. Its intention is entirely positive, uplifting and transformative.

It is based on my artwork. This artwork is based on principles; these being of a natural resonance of energy which produces beauty, and this quality of beauty is something which reaches beyond subjectivity. If it is done correctly, everyone can enjoy it. The effects extend from evoking the subtle depths of natural textures to the most elegant and stylised art statements..

This is an endeavour to realise a distinct new style, a sort of new Art Deco. Not copying art deco; as art deco itself was an endeavour to discover a new style, based on principles. Sort of 'scientific' but then eventually butting up against, combining with, and inevitably embracing the classical..

Current styles. Minimalism. Shabby Chic. Something we may call Faux Baroque Nouveau, very hot just now, whose results are often a joyous jumble. It remains an art of skilful combination rather than anything fresh. Or, knowing quotation. Quoting Eames. Quoting Gio Ponti. Very cool. However.

So, a new style. My interest is in incorporating the most relevant bits of current high-tech production in an honest and obvious way. It is based in the possibilities of print in different materials and methods. It does not quote, except in the undercurrents of its classical basis. Knowing or otherwise, it is entirely sincere.

So, I combine an aesthetic style of authenticity with new tech method; the result is potent, wide-ranging; entirely flexible and supple. It can be produced in many materials. I have been focusing on printing using glass, which is an intrinsically attractive and durable classic material, at ease in any context.

Thus for the method. An uplifting experience is entirely the point of the exercise, and can be fine tuned to an exquisite degree. The experience of the user is paramount, and how emotion is a direct result of the sense of beauty.

This artistic approach, using the brilliant and powerful techniques of modern production, achieves stunning and emotive results at a reasonable cost.

Let me enhance your next project, and the lives of your customers.


Gregory Macmillan


07816 330 873


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