9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Scabrou launches all new platform for sourcing restaurant suppliers

Scabrou, the global online platform for sourcing businesses that supply products and services to hospitality/foodservice establishments has launched an all new  platform which  has been completely re-developed to enhance search and interactivity for hospitality professionals.

New Releases

  •      Automated suggestions based on user interests

  •      Better Google Maps integrations

  •      Enhanced Restaurant Builder Portfolio

  •      Business Page Analytics

  •      Multiple Business Management via one user profile

  •      Easier  Design and Page speed

  •      Chat  box for help and queries for business page owners

Features in the pipeline

Business on the Spotlight

For suppliers looking to announce new  products and services, or simply  improve business footfall, Spotlight highlights one supplier in each search category every week, allowing them to share their best assets and how  they can  serve hospitality establishments.

In addition, the Restaurant Builder portfolio has also  been enhanced to help organize businesses and products into  collections so that users never forget a supplier or product again.

Some of the original functions, such as searching for suppliers by category - with over  12 categories to choose from - and by country, have been visually improved with a greater focus on user experience which  enhances usability and accessibility. 

Daria Dzuba

Twitter: @dariadzuba


About Scabrou:

Scabrou is a hospitality supplier platform which connects hospitality establishments to companies and manufacturers that provide products and services geared to the hospitality industry.

Scabrou enables companies to promote their brand in a dedicated search place across the globe, allowing companies to search for F&B resources based on location, expertise, product category and more.

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