9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Shape and Form with Forbo’s Allura

Playing with scale, direction and combinations across the range, the result is the introduction of new shapes and sizes to the market, alongside digital print options.

As Form plays an ever growing part in influencing how interior designs take shape, Forbo’s Allura collection now includes new large scale 180 x 32cm giant oak planks, 1m x 1m tiles, as well as small 50 x 15cm planks. The new XXL plank sizes are designed to help create the illusion of larger and lighter areas in buildings where space is limited, creating more spacious and social interiors and emulating the Scandinavian design trend for a neutral feel and finish. While the smaller planks are often used in smaller areas creatively or used sporadically in the body of more traditional floor design to spark interest. 

Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo said: “Our European Luxury Vinyl Tile factory and team has expanded in size over the last few years bringing to the design process not just new people, but their personal experiences, sources of inspiration and enthusiasm for bringing never before seen designs to floors.

“One great example of this is the Hungarian Point plank, cut on a 45-degree angle to produce realistic herringbone and chevron designs with ease. By using a single colour or a combination of shades, a range of sophisticated floor designs with a delicate vertical pattern can be produced – resulting in traditional patterns but with a fresh, modern aesthetic.”

Part of Forbo’s largest wood offer to date, there are also exciting new contemporary solids which include strong feature colours and more planks than ever before, with in-register embossing to bring designs such as oak and pine to life. Additionally, for a fresh approach to stone, the new marble options bring a soft, natural angular flow to a timeless floor design.

Julie Dempster continues: “Our design team is continually travelling the world with new ideas and concepts, to see how they could fit with current and upcoming trends in segments such as Leisure and Hospitality, where the floor is considered integral to the entire experience. This has been the catalyst for the new digitally printed patterns such as a starry “galaxy” design and the Picasso inspired “fluid” design, which we envisage conveying a brand’s story, defining areas or simply becoming a talking point in a leisure centre or hotel.”

Allura is 100% phthalate free, REACH* compliant and produced in Europe with low emission levels. The excellent dimensional stability ensures safe and hygienic floors, as dirt isn’t trapped in the seams; and the superior embossed lacquering system guarantees long lasting appearance retention and improves the resistance to stains and scratches. Available in natural stress reducing designs and high LRV’s, choosing Allura means you are choosing to create better indoor and outdoor environments. 

In addition to the new Allura collection, Forbo has also refreshed its Allura Flex loose lay collection and introduced an exciting new Allura Click range to the market.

For more information please visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/allura

For more information on how Forbo is committed to the health of one and all, please visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/cho

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