9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Metal Monkey Designs New Improved Website

We don’t like the grass to grow under our feet – but rather than taking an internal approach to this  – we enlisted the services of an independent external Marketing Consultant – who made a top to bottom review of our site, content – and the customer experience. This resulted in a “no holds barred” document, which not only highlighted the changes required – but accompanied them with the rationale behind the changes – and the suggestions for improvements. This made the process very easy – and underpinned many of the changes that we had already considered necessary.

Our “to do” list covered all parts of the site from the Landing Page right through to the Contact Us section. 

So – along with our Marketing Consultant, the Design Team behind our website – and our own input, we started to take the actions to create our new website.

One of the most significant changes we made was to have a professional photoshoot of our premises – but importantly, our finishes and effects – which we have added a “click / enlarge” function to – so that you can see an improved impression of the finish / design.

We created a new Landing Page with improved navigation via drop – down menus to specific parts of the site which allows visitors to go straight to. All parts of our site can be reached easily from this page. This also eliminated the need for a separate Home Page – which further simplified the journey.

About Us -  has been reconstructed to deliver information via a drop - down menu – which speeds up navigation and allows visitors to get to the information they want quickly and easily. 

     - Our Location & Equipment 
     - Our People
     - Our Services 

Effects Page – again, we constructed this page to include a drop – down menu – so now you can be very specific about selecting the kind of finish that you want to see.

     - Liquid Metals
     - Chrome 
     - 3D Ice 
     - Holographic Sparkle
     - Chameleon, Pearls & Dayglow
     - Custom Finishes

Add to that a revised News Page – where we post our updates / blogs – and an improved Contact Us Page – and the job is complete…

It’s still quirky – but it’s doing a far better job now – our visitors say so.

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