9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



100% Natural 100% Zero Maintenance

MOSSwall® is the original and patented preserved moss system and is exclusively represented in the UK by MOSSwall UK Ltd, making their debut at this year’s restaurant design show.

MOSSwall® is the original and authentic system of preserved moss that is not only zero maintenance but carries essential commercial credentials such as Class 0 Fire Rating as well as full acoustic certification to prove its natural ability to absorb sound within the mid to high frequencies.

This patented system was created in 2008 by Stefano Laprocina, CEO of our manufacturer based in Milan and is formed of 3 key panel types that can be used on interior surfaces or, in the case of the main panel type, be used as the face finish to our modular walls, frequently used to divide rooms or smaller areas.

As the name suggests MOSSwall® uses real moss, grown in Norway under sustainable conditions before being handpicked and naturally preserved. The preservation of moss ensures that it will neither grow nor degrade providing the relative humidity within the chosen, internal, space is 40% or more. 

Contrary to popular belief the natural colour of our moss is white, well off-white, and as beautiful as this is the manufacturer understands that the phrase “you can have any colour providing it’s ….” is perhaps a little out dated, so by using organic food dye the MOSSwall® range provides 22 colour choices that can be used singularly or combined to incorporate artwork or branding.

Once preserved and coloured the moss undergoes anti-static treatment. Why? Well no one wants to be tasked with the job of dusting moss so this is done to prevent the latter from settling.

At this year’s Restaurant Design show MOSSwall UK Ltd® will not only be presenting the classic MOSSwall® but also the next generation – Fusion – a different and unusual combination of three, preserved lichens, that carry the same commercial credentials but with perhaps a more “natural, Scandinavian” appearance.

MOSSwall® carries full Phytosanitary certification, proving that no planting media is contained within which means no hiding place for bugs or critters, making it a wonderfully easy, beautiful yet functional Biophilic product for use in restaurants, such as Vita Mojo. 

Undoubtedly the inclusion of the classic MOSSwall® to the St Pauls branch of Vita Mojo has not only enhanced the interior design but acts to further reinforce the company ethos of providing natural alternatives from sustainable sources.

MOSSwall® is not just our business it is our passion. It’s simple beauty, ease of use and practical function make this wonderful, sensory solution that cannot fail to engage its many admirers.

MOSSwall UK Ltd



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