9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Turning Concepts into Reality

Our clients come to us with concepts and ideas knowing we will work tirelessly to find solutions.

In any work environment there are four key steps to completing a task. Being presented with a concept, presenting your solution, carrying out the execution and seeing the completion. 

In this instance we were approached with a concept to create a large scale 3D artwork, carved out of wood, representing a global brand identity. 

To find a solution we had to collate our collective knowledge, of artworking, materials, and production before presenting to our client. Assessing each element individually meant we were able to look at them collectively and judge how well different elements would work together, then reporting our findings to our client for feedback. 

In order to execute the final product our design team had to scrutinise every stage, from the file creation to hanging the piece safely. When designing a file like this you have to understand how a line on a screen will physically equate when output through different types of machinery, the different cutting tools that will work for the different elements, and effects you are trying to achieve. You also need to understand the limits of natural materials, therefore working to man made sizes and making this fit in with the artwork. 

Once the limits and methods have been fully understood only then can the creation begin, for example creating cutting paths designed to work with the best router elements for the materials chosen. The artwork was then fabricated by our production team, raw materials were sourced, machined and finished. LED backlighting was added to give the piece a warm glow and finally the product was weighed and tested for safety. 

In order to complete the job we had to ensure it would get to site safely and installed as intended. To ensure the piece arrived undamaged we personally took it to site, reinforcing the strength for travel. We provided the construction team onsite with a  stencil providing exact placements for receivers meaning when it came to hanging everything was as straightforward as possible. 

Our client was pleased with the quality of work produced in both aesthetics and structural integrity. This project further solidified the stellar brand presence of our client and opened new avenues for their store design team to explore.

We consider our workplace a creative playground which houses advanced equipment in both large format print and CNC giving us freedom to experiment and explore new possibilities, combining our collective expertise to conjure new exciting products. Rising to the challenge of projects such as this keeps us sharp and focused.           

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