9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location




India’s distinctive rustic vibe and bright colours inspired Chai Naasto restaurant interior design, which perfectly embody the character, charisma and vibrant passion that India is famous for.

SEI designed and managed the fit-out of the restaurant, located on Fairfield Road, Beckenham. The aim was to combine the slum and the glamour of the streets of India, which resulted in space that combines train carriage/station style area with more luxury found in upscale Indian restaurants. 

“Our clients originally wanted to open simple and traditional looking Indian restaurant and had difficult to understand brand “214”. Since we constantly endeavour to provide an inspiring and refreshing new look to commercial premises, we offered relatively unique and exclusive solution on the budget to the owners of Chai Naasto brand”, said Andrew Fio from SEI. 

After a successful first year in Beckenham that brought them Open Table’s 2016 Diner’s Choice award, Chai Naasto brought the streets of India to the streets of Hammersmith in West London. Having won over Londoners with its healthy take on Indian street food at its two restaurants in Beckenham and Hammersmith, Chai Naasto opened third site, a vegetarian street café in Harrow. 

Chai Naasto restaurants interiors in all three branches Beckenham, Hammersmith and Harrow are full of colour and pattern. Vibrant yet gentle colours, from soft yellow to glowing orange, blue and purple, contribute to a rustic feel to restaurants interiors and exteriors. The walls are lined with Bollywood movie posters, cosy seating booths, decorated to look like makeshift wooden food cart. A busy looking interior is completed with candle bulbs hanging from the ends of ropes and dangling across the ceiling. In general, every corner of the places is either covered in bright paint or holding a quaint Indian antique.

" Every site is different in size but we succeeded to maintain the same theme through colour, furniture and overall vibe. Chai Naasto restaurants in Hammersmith and Harrow have a rather small space, so it was important to create not only diverse seating areas with slightly different characteristics for people, but also to create well organised, efficient and effective production areas," said Andrew.

Design strategies, bright colours and the distinctive rustic vibe crafted by SOUTH EASTERN INTERIORS T/A SEI is clearly working in Chai Naasto’s favour. 

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