9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



The DNA of Restaurant Design

The world of restaurant design is vast, and it all comes downs to how the information is absorbed. We could feed you facts for days, and statistics to make your mind boggle- but when it comes down to it- it's how you implement the tools and services around you to improve your market positioning. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:

Every Detail Counts

There are all kinds of reasons why people don’t go back to restaurants. Sometimes the problem is obvious—the place is understaffed, the food and drinks aren’t good, the servers are unfriendly or disorganized. But it could be something as small as the space just didn’t “feel” right. Maybe the lighting is too bright or too dim, the bar top isn’t a comfortable height, or the music is a tad too loud. Perhaps the space is cluttered, or the décor is distracting. Research reported that 60 percent of restaurants fail in the first three years. With so many restaurant options all over Europe, consumers don’t have to return to a place that wasn’t “just right.”

Youthful Vibe

Restaurants needed a hip, youthful vibe, and a trusted design firm to make it happen. Align the restaurant design with not only your branding and desired effect, but ensure that it fits in with the restaurants outside world, and the type of diner’s poor through the door. This generation love something different, quirky and inviting. Think back to our previous article about Instagram and the value of social media for restaurant marketing. The amount of times we hear these days that restaurant diners are looking for something that looks good on social media, iconic stamps that make your restaurant recognisable in the online world are key. Whether that be bold graffiti, feature items, excellent food or creative ways of serving food. Keep it youthful and fresh!

And definitely do not let your restaurant interior look worn or outdated, no one wants to enter a restaurant that has ripped table cloths, paint peeling off the walls, or broken lampshades! Just look around you and see how much the restaurant design world has an impact on the amount of customers that are queuing up outside. 

The Brand DNA

In a competitive market, restaurant concepts need everything from a solid space and stunning interior design to the right signage, a great logo, and perfect music if they’re going to last past their first three years. The idea that unites all of these elements is what may be known as “the brand DNA”. You need to know what works—and what doesn’t.

Offer services that bring everything together under one roof. The brand DNA helps to address the food, beverages, service, operational flow, design, and all other aspects that come into play to make a thing what it is. It sets a path, or a truth north compass for the project. Your DNA is something that resonates with the brand throughout it’s lifetime (of course, until a rebrand). Single out that DNA, what is at that that beats at the heart of the restaurant, and what both you and your diners love so much. 

Energetic Environment

Treat every day like Happy Hour, with a laid-back feel to it. Your staff need to be enthusiastic and attentive at all times during service- however, it is key to let you customers enjoy their experience at the restaurant. There is a fine balance between energetic and annoying- ensure you find that happy medium between the two, and read your customers. 

Within the design, use fun bold colours to draw the customers through the front door. “We Push a new aesthetic on everything you do. Consider your budget and be sure to create the desired look well within the budget- a half finished look is never a good thing, that’s almost as bad as a half-painted wall. You can always start with something and build on it, but it is key to make sure that every stage is complete to a high standard! 

It’s these touches—along with good food and a friendly waitstaff—that come together to create a great experience. And that’s why a top restaurant is able to keep the customers coming through the doors. Hire a design firm to help single out factors, stick within budget and create your desired look- these are the experts at not only the design, but at managing budgets. 

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