19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Why a Spotless Restroom Makes Business Sense

In many areas of today’s modern society, comfort is considered a prerequisite - and increasingly, this is also the case when it comes to people’s expectations of a public or commercial restroom.

Whereas the restroom has perhaps always been an afterthought for many a business and establishment in the past, more and more business owners are now switching onto the growing desire for a convenient, clean and safe restroom experience.

In fact, much like custom can be won or lost by the cleanliness and appearance of a food business, the same can be said for all types of business when it comes to the image of their restroom.

Worrying about having clean hands when you leave a public restroom and wondering what is OK to touch if you want to stay germ-free are common feelings for many, so anywhere that can provide a more pleasant and relaxed experience automatically stands out in the minds of users.

The trend for hands-free fixtures and features - such as taps and flushes - is something that ticks the boxes of both cleanliness and convenience, with no contact skin contact required with parts of the bathroom that are known to carry the most germs. 

And even more than being the difference between keeping or losing customers, clean restrooms can also act as a major selling point for businesses and become a source of pride for the brand.

However, building a reputation for having spotless facilities requires a more thorough approach than simply giving the toilets a weekly once over and ticking the cleaning schedule on the wall; with regular reviewing, maintaining, improving and restocking a must when a bad odor can cause customers to leave an establishment prematurely. 

Regular customer surveys provide a quick and easy way for businesses to receive feedback on their restrooms, and also show the customer that the company cares about all aspects of their experience.

What’s more, the aesthetics of a restroom are starting to go hand-in-hand with cleanliness; with a sleek and clean style drawing a lot of interest from convenience stores in recent years.

A business that can offer a restroom that’s both hygienic and aesthetically pleasing is going to stand out from the rest, and will provide an experience that makes customers happy to return time and time again.

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