9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

9 & 10
NOV 2021

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



The Rise of a Modern Era of Interior Design and Trends

In a fast paced world where trends are changing everyday, technology is playing the biggest role: bringing us all together. True to this, the interior design industry is not very far behind. Pantone announced the colour of the year to be the glorious ultraviolet. Somewhere close to the middle of 2018 and we are still learning that the preferred colour scheme is ever evolving.

So what is vogue today, you ask? Today’s designers and clients are both experimenting with shapes, sizes, colours and trends. While some are reviving retro styles and patterns the others are creating new trends. 

Retro Makes a Comeback

Velvet is making its way back into interior design and quite steadily. The luxurious look and feel of the fabric is slowly taking over as the best upholstery to opt for. Just like velvet, the retro floral prints are making a huge comeback too. The saving grace? We are not going overboard with it. Big and bold floral patterns are finding a place in wallpapers, sofa upholsteries, cushions, rugs and curtains to name a few. However, the designers are treading carefully with this granny favourite and taking it a small dose at a time. 

Warm shades are a number one hit this year and back on the list of most sought after wall colour is the avocado green and the ever-reliable beige. One would think why but a second look and you know for sure that these hues are magic when designed right. Contemporary designs turned to fuss-free, straight cut neutrals a few years ago. However, the trend is now changing and we are exploring more fluid designs and warmer hues while still keeping it classy. 

What’s New?

We are experimenting with eclectic themes like never before and experts who once shunned this trend are all for it now. Interior design has now slowly become an expression of the self and thus designers are experimenting, inventing and innovating everyday to introduce a piece of them. A rather unusual but stunning trend is the adoption of black. Black walls, black sofas, black decor pieces - name it and you have it. Colour schemes have become darker, bolder, contrasting and braver. You wouldn’t be surprised to see a deep purple being paired with a rather bright orange and complementing each other too. The designers have now discovered the art of appropriate mixing. Pairing well with these dark shades are metallic accents. Gold is not limited to chandeliers and tableware anymore. Panelling of sofas, beds, console tables and all different types of furniture items in rich metallic tones of bronze, copper, silver and gold is now a rather common occurrence. 

Alongside rich pigments is the unending love for pastels and softer hues. Earthy shades are a big hit as well and tones of rust, olive, mustard, ivory, ecru and the likes are making huge waves. Design isa reflection of personality and each design is now a unique blend of global inspiration and cultural diaspora. 

Since 2017, tropical prints and the love for all shades of green is a pleasant hangover. To take the trend notches higher, designers have begun introducing real plant in the form of panels, potted succulents and hanging vases, within living and office spaces alike to create the illusion of a natural space which is refreshing. 

Geometric pattern and prints are a huge hit among the new age designers. Be it wallpaper, upholstery, furniture design or simply accessories and surfaces, geometry is finding home everywhere. Coffee tables are being reimagined in funky geometric shapes while hexagons, stripes, triangles and the likes are spilling onto fabrics very seamlessly. 

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