19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Improving Your Customers' Experience

Case study: Furniture for food court

In this case we designed and produced bespoke furniture for a hospitality client, namely, our client needed contract furniture for a food court in India. 

The client asked us to provide them furniture that would be high performance, with specific measures for keeping a comfortable space between the tables, and according to the general design of the food court, which is half terrace and half indoor. The style needed was contemporary with tropical touches. 

Once we analyzed client’s desires, needs, budget and estimated time for set-up of their food court we suggested the furniture designs that you can see on the right side of this article. 

General specification for this project included: high-quality aluminum frames, completely welded for high-resistance, textured synthetic rattan, and all-weather fabric to avoid color fading. Since these products are for usage in a food court with high traffic and children there is risk of drink spill, therefore we suggested to use quick-dry foam for the seats in which cushion was needed. In this way in case of any accident the cushion will dry immediately and the fabric cover can be easily cleaned.

After review by the client, selection of materials and finishes we started developing the prototypes, once it was approved by the client we started with the production or the entire project informing on a weekly basis the client of the development up to delivery.

The result, after production and delivery the client was completely satisfied because they received exactly the product they wanted, with the needed features, warranty and post-sale support.

Our client now has in their food court furniture different to the ordinary models available, with special customization providing their clients the wished comfort without compromising quality, which means that our client does not have to care about maintenance or renovation of their furniture for at least the next 5 years.

Regarding the investment our client made in this bespoke furniture, our client is very pleased because it was made according their project’s budget with no additional or hidden costs. This is one of the economic advantages we offer our clients, since we have solid relationships with different suppliers which allows us to offer our clients competitive prices without minimum or maximum order quantities. 

We would invite hospitality companies looking for high-performance furniture made exactly according to their needs to contact us. We will be pleased to make a free analysis of their project or venue and propose different alternatives so they can choose the one that suits better their needs.


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