19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location

19 & 20
OCT 2022

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show location



Build Better Guest Relations with Data

Data is used in many different industries to help companies increase their revenue while better serving (and marketing to) their customers. Similarly, restaurants should collect and use data about their operations, guests, website and more—but then what? How do restaurants collect the right data, and then what do they do with it?

Capturing restaurant analytics doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, you’re probably already collecting and using data in rudimentary ways at your restaurant. This blog is the perfect starting point for restaurant owners who want to get more from their data, using it to improve guest relations and keep their restaurant top of mind for customers.

How Can Restaurants Collect Data?

The average independent restaurant should start by focusing on three kinds of data:

-          General operations data

-          Guest Data

-          Website Data

General operations data can be collected using common restaurant tools, like your POS, inventory management, or reservations system. Some data can even be collected by simply observing how your restaurant runs throughout the day. Operations data also includes staffing data, and data about your menu. This is a broad category that includes a lot of metrics you can collect and track, helping save money, reduce food waste, and staff your restaurant more efficiently. Since general operations data and ways to utilize it are already built into common restaurant tools, we won’t be covering the details of it here.

Guest data is all about your guests—their behaviors, wants, needs and demographics. Collecting and using this type of data allows you to market to the right people, personalize experiences and promotions, and generally, just create a better experience for guests at your restaurant.

And finally, website data comes from software like your content management system (CMS) or a tool like Google Analytics. It helps you see how many people are viewing your restaurant’s website, how they find it, and what pages they tend to visit. If you offer direct online ordering, this type of data can help you increase online order revenue. It can also help boost the number of guests who visit your restaurant after finding your website.

Use Guest Data to Create a Better Dining Experience

Collecting personal data about guests can sometimes feel a bit intrusive. There’s been debate for years about how much privacy consumers are entitled to as technology tools allow businesses to collect all kinds of information about them. But there are ways to collect basic guest data and use that to create a better overall dining experience for your guests without invading their privacy.

For example, if you create a database of guest contact information and historical order and visit data, you can personalize a guest’s experience by taking them to their preferred table, or offering them their favorite drink without prompting. These kinds of experiences make guests feel valued, and are likely to turn them into loyal customers.

Use Guest Data to Market Your Restaurant

Using data about guest behavior opens up new ways to market your restaurant. When you collect basic data about your guests (such as their contact information and order and visit history), you learn more about the types of guests who enjoy your restaurant. Then, when you run marketing campaigns online, you can target the right demographics to reach potential guests. 

Use website data to optimize your restaurant’s digital presence

Finally, there’s data about your restaurant’s website.

In the digital age, it’s important for restaurants to have websites—studies show that more than 90% of guests research restaurants online before going out to eat or placing an online food order.

With the right tool, you can track metrics like:

-          Number of website visitors 

-          How they find your website

-          Time spent on your site

-          Whether they sign up to follow your website or social media

This information, when used in tandem with the right tools, can make it easier for potential guests to find you, ultimately increasing orders and revenue.

Popmenu Makes Restaurant Web Analytics Easy

If the toughest part is making sense of the data, restaurants need a tool to help them turn data into actionable insights and analytics.

Fortunately, Popmenu makes it easy.

As an all-in-one digital toolkit, Popmenu has all the features you need to capture and use guest and website data baked into the platform, allowing owners to use it to benefit their own business. Learn more at get.popmenu.com

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